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Lawn Rolling

Why and When to Roll your lawn

  • After seeding or re-seeding When you roll your lawn after an initial seeding, or after a re-seeding which you’ve conducted, it helps all the seeds come into contact with the soil, and that speeds up the process of germination.

  • When springtime bumpiness occurs – It’s very normal for bumps and other uneven patches to develop in your lawn after a long winter, especially when heavy snows have had a chance to pile up in certain areas. It’s also possible that various ground animals may have burrowed into your lawn, creating tunnels or hiding places which they can inhabit. If you notice any of these kinds of irregularities in your lawn during your annual spring checkup, it may be time to pull out your heavy duty Turftime Equipment lawn roller.

  • Establishing uniformity – There are times when certain sections of your lawn will settle more than others over the course of a winter season, and in the springtime, that will cause uneven sections to appear in your lawn. These can all be smoothed out with a heavy duty ground roller while the ground is still moist and soft after winter. When the ground firms up in summer time, the job would be much harder to accomplish.


We use these exact commercial ride on rollers on your lawn.

these rollers are built and specifically designed for rolling turf.

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